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The Crescent pendant symbolises the exploration of new opportunities, allowing you to embrace your limitless potential. Leading up to the crescent moon phase, honour yourself the time to tap into the cosmic energy of the universe and allow healing and inspiration to flow into your life and those around you.

Encased in a solid 9ct gold frame measuring 17 x 8mm height to width; suspended on a fine gold chain through a rectangular bail with a hand stamped Rock + Raw signature. Comes on a complimentary 18" chain which can be substituted for a 16" or 20" chain on request (via the comment box at check out).

Rainbow moonstone is your talisman to connect you with your intuition and the power of the divine feminine. A powerhouse of healing – moonstone supports nurturing from a place of abundance, and invokes the sacred power of mothering. It's the stone to support your inner journey through nurture, intuition and connection. Our moonstone pieces are incredibly unique, exhibiting different textures across the surface, depending on the characteristics of the raw stone from which it was cut. We use only natural moonstones, and as such due to their nature, each piece may exhibit different characteristics within the gemstone which add to their character and depth.

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As with all fine jewellery, our pieces are their most beautiful when handled and worn with love and care. When not wearing your gorgeous piece, we recommend keeping it in our Rock + Raw jewellery box or our soft pouch which comes with your order. 

Wearing your jewellery in bed, while swimming, showering or at the gym is not recommended. As some of our stones are porous, care should be taken not to unduly expose them to harsh cleaning products.