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Honoring our community and our planet is the most important thing we do. Rock + Raw is dedicated to ensuring that our materials are sourced consciously and that our working practices are sustainable and ethical.

We see our natural materials as sacred. Our stones are hand sourced in small batches each time and we select only the highest grade of the purest crystals to use in each of our pieces.


We are proud to work with suppliers who uphold our Responsible Sourcing Policy. We are committed to practices of environmental protection and expect our direct suppliers to work to reduce environmental impact wherever possible, including emissions and waste amongst other areas of impact.

Honoring each other has been at the heart of Rock + Raw since day one. Respect for each person who works with us is non-negotiable. Our code of practice supports this, requiring and promoting respect for land rights of communities, fair wages, respect and dignity in employment amongst other standards.


We are committed to exceeding environmental and sustainability standards and we are constantly evolving our practices to push the boundaries of what is possible. We strive to become a leader in this area by setting new standards of sustainability as we go.