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Hi ROCK + RAW family! I’m Lizzy, a mindful movement coach and sound healer. I am passionate about helping others physically, mentally and energetically rebalance and align to the truest version of themselves. 

I love the power of sound as it's magical but also scientific. Pure sound vibrations stimulate our body's innate self-healing powers helping to unblock stuck, stagnant energy stored within the body and the energy field around us.

The high-frequency sounds can alter our brainwave activity encouraging us into deeper, more meditative states. The rest and digest response within our nervous system becomes activated which means our body can repair, recharge and retune back to resonance.

It's very powerful to set an intention with sound as it can help to amplify your intention into fruition. Energy flows where intention goes. 

Here, with Lucy, we work with our ROCK + RAW pieces and embrace the true potential of sound!

Lizzy Chong ~  Mindful movement coach & Sound Healer