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Session 1

My name is Charlie Moult, I'm a breathwork facilitator based in London! Breathwork involves consciously using our breath to create an effect on our body. How we breathe sends signals to our brain and has a direct effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Learning how to master our breath can be transformational on all aspects of our life.

Setting aside 10 minutes to connect to your body and your breath is a powerful way to regulate your nervous system and stay in relationship with your body and your heart space.

‘Our breath anchors us to this moment and that is where the magic is’

Session 2

For this mini breathwork session, you'll be guided through a breathing practice to help support nervous system regulation. This is a great one to try if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed and you need some calm in your day.

Session 3

Through our breath, we can tune into our own energy, expand it and tap into Source energy. This is one of my favourite practices to help elevate your consciousness and deepen your connection to Source energy. It is also helpful for moving through any areas where you might be holding or feel blocked.

Session 4

We are energetic beings and the energy we bring to our daily lives impacts everything, Through the breath, we can tune into our energy field, move energy from our lower energy centres and transcend to a higher state of being.

This exercise looks at how you can tune into your energy and move energy through the body. Hope you enjoy!