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Ametrine is one of our most special and rare stones. A fusion of citrine and amethyst, found once in a blue moon in Bolivia, sourced by hand with intention.

Part of its magic is that it carries the properties of both stones. Citrine supports manifestation, creativity, and joy lead success, while amethyst brings healing and transformation. 

This powerful fusion, allows you to harness creativity, visualization, and to create from a space of deep healing. It is only from a healed place that we can manifest in alignment with our authentic selves. 

Our ametrine is incredibly rare, the finest on the planet, completely clear and inclusion free-found in very small deposits, a crystal to elevate and treasure.


Our guide for this meditation is Erika Owls, a Psychic Intuitive Chakra Healer and Spiritual Mentor.

Erika leads us through this mediation to help us tap to the joy, creativity and deep healing within ametrine.

Allow yourself to manifest what you want for your life by harnessing the energy and properties that ametrine possesses from a place of gratitude and healing, and in direct alignment with your most authentic self.

The power of ametrine is yours to behold.