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Your February Collective Tarot Reading comes with warnings from the Devil Card you are reminded that your energy is precious and should be protected from energy vampires and those who gossip and continually speak negatively. Your energy is sacred and who you spend your time with is a priority this February!

Contrary to this, we’ve got love and romance reignited this February, with masculine energy coming forward as the King of Cups; warm and caring energy - think words of affirmation and cuddles as their love language. It feels like your partner is stepping up this Feb, and if you’re single watch out, love could be on the horizon! 

The powerful energy of Queen of Pentacles, as well as the Magician reminds you, that you have all the tools at your fingertips to make your dreams a reality. Your guides are prompting you to not let limiting beliefs hold you back!

You have the resources, the intelligence and the courage to accomplish your goals and this February you’re going to start seeing the financial rewards! Please remember, astrologically the New Year comes with spring, and so if you’re feeling a little flat or unmotivated, it makes perfect sense with us still being in the hibernation season. 

We hope this reading resonates with you and wish you the best February. For more details on your personal journey, please visit or @erikaowls to book your own 1:1 virtual reading. Erika is London’s renowned psychic mentor who reads for celebrities and business owners around the world, providing insight and guidance on love, career and manifestations.