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Fire is such a powerful and elemental tool for creating change in your life, we love making fire rituals a part of our practice. Think of fire as an energetic reset button, a force that burns through anything that no longer serves you, clearing and cleansing so that your soul has the space and clarity to flourish and thrive.

It’s a purifying element, there to send up in smoke all the negative energy associated with regrets, past pains, or destructive habits. It’s also a tool of radical manifestation, allowing you to commit to your desires as you hand them over to the universe.


The full moon comes with a powerful shift of cosmic energy, and as the moon enters its waning phase and recedes, it presents a perfect moment for introspection. Now’s the time to evaluate what in your life you wish to let go of.

Or, if you’ve already done plenty of clearing, you might feel that now’s the moment to take stock of all you cherish. If so, now’s the time to recharge and prepare for all the positive things to come.


First, make sure you’re in a safe and well-ventilated area. Always take care with fire!

Now, clear your mind, center yourself, and find a space of peace. Take a few moments to meditate.

Take some time to reflect on your life. Assess where you are on your journey. What no longer serves you? Or what do you want to invite into your life and manifest?

Now write these things down: a list of all you wish to let go of or a list of all you wish to invite into your life.

Now place all your calm, conscious energy on this list. Feel the resonance of your own words. Visualise what your life would feel like, free of all you wish to let go of, or with all your desires manifested. What does this picture look like? Try and feel it in an embodied, vivid, joyful way.

Now, when you feel ready, burn your paper in the fire and watch as it is released into the universe ready for it to work its magic. You are now ready for the exciting new shift that’s already begun.