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It's always been at the heart of what we do that every piece we make is made with integrity and set with intention, but as Rock & Raw grows, it's become even more important to me that any new piece feels real and right. What that translates to is a promise to myself that I won't release a piece until I feel an emotional shift just looking at it, as well as a vibrational shift when I put it on. And feel that so much with these two very special new additions. I'm so excited to introduce you to them and I hope you might fall in love with them just as hard as we have.

First up we have our magic new Baby Guardian pendants. Our bestselling and beloved Guardian pendants are made from the finest grade crystals set in solid gold and we wanted to keep this impeccable quality at the core while simultaneously creating something light enough to feel like air.



Our new Baby Guardians are our littlest, lightest pendants yet - tiny pieces of magic that are light enough to move and travel with your body as if you're not wearing jewellery, yet powerful enough to channel the highest vibes and guide you on your path. We hope you won't want to ever take them off. Think of them as tiny, mighty companions, there to let you know you're held, supported, and protected. Set, as always, in the finest gold, they come in a range of crystals, all of which are rigorously sourced and hand selected; we only use the finest.

Guardian Earrings

And our second new addition, well, we think it needs a drumroll... our most demanded item, two years in the making, and woo, they're finally here! - I'm so thrilled to introduce our first ever earrings. We spent so long perfecting the shape of the hoops; not quite round, not quite flat - but just right. It's so important to me that our stones be set in ways that enhance their powers and channel their light and these earrings, designed to be layered with your Guardian pendant, are true vibration-raisers. We think you might fall in love. Let us know what you think,




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