The place of emotion within business

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We want to share with you that this month saw one of our biggest milestones yet at Rock + Raw: a few weeks ago, we waved our founder Lucy off on maternity leave. It felt like such a significant and beautiful moment to send her off with all our love as she prepares to welcome a real baby into the world, after doing so much for this business - her first “baby”. 


Lucy started Rock + Raw just a few years ago from nothing, naming it for the warrior-like strength, the rock, as well as the raw spirit of vulnerability and sensitivity that’s in all of us. It’s these two energies, the fiercely powerful and the infinitely gentle, that make up our ethos and continue to guide us as we grow. 

We’re so proud to now be a global business and a team of 6 and, as with any milestone, this moment of Lucy leaving has given us pause to reflect on how far we’ve come, where we want to go, and, most importantly, to reconnect with our values and reaffirm who we are as a company and community. One of the most important things to us is that those two things – company and community – are in essence the same thing. In other words, our values are bound up in our business and we don’t ever want to lose sight of that.


There’s an assumption that to succeed in business you have to be hard-nosed, tough, ruthless – in other words, unfeeling. We’re so proud to be a living, working, thriving refutation of that! Something we’ve been thinking about in recent weeks, and something that feels very appropriate in terms of this emerging theme of maternity – that divine female energy of both rock and raw (or, to use the Sanskrit terms from yoga teachings, sukha and sthira, meaning ease and effort) –  is the place of emotion within business. 

‘Emotion’ and ‘business’ aren’t exactly two things that tend to get mentioned in the same breath, but we want to change that. We believe emotion belongs in business and must be a guiding principle, for two reasons. First and foremost because it’s just the right thing to do: there isn’t really such a thing as too much compassion. We’ll always place mindfulness, intuition and kindness at the core of what we do, with the hopes of spreading those principles through the world with our jewels. If, for example, one of our employees is going through some severe emotional challenge, we’ll encourage them to take the rest of the day off. Emotional pain is just as legitimate as illness or any other kind of pain. Second, privileging feeling also happens to make business sense. 

A caring, supportive workplace guided by an ethos of kindness just makes for a more productive, efficient and successful team. We’re being the change we want to see. 

Going forward, we’re excited to share more behind-the-scenes at Rock + Raw with you in our upcoming blogs: next month, we’ll be getting personal with some of our awesome team members! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for a sneak peek on IGTV in the coming weeks... 

Thank you, as always, for being part of our community.

With love and light,

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