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Last full moon, the Rock and Raw team headed to Mykonos for a few days of meditation, crystal charging, intention setting, and sage burning.
Lucy also organised and ran the New Moon Yoga & Meditation at the stunning Maera Villas.
Mykonos was even more magical than we hoped. Located next to the mythical island of Delos, it is a crossroad of spirituality, vitality, mythology, and beauty.
You can feel the energy emanating from the rocks, supposedly the remains of fallen giants in Greek mythology, the semi-arid landscapes, the winds bringing sand from the Sahara desert, and the sea that surrounds it.

Crystal charging

We brought all the Rock and Raw pieces we could carry to Mykonos.
We cleansed them.
We left them to charge under the new moon.
Each morning, we breathed our intentions into them.
Each evening, we cleansed them with sage.
When we brought them back, they felt more vibrant than ever.
We hope you will feel these vibrations in your next Rock and Raw pendant, and carry the essence of the mythical Mediterranean Sea everywhere with you.
New Moon Yoga & Meditation at the stunning Maera Villas
Lucy organised a conducted a special meditation & yoga ceremony in Maera Villas.
This Villa sits atop a hill, overlooking the sea, giving a panoramic view of the island.
The sun was setting
The moon was appearing
The wind was fresh and playful
The crystals charged and laid out
The attendees learned to let go of their fears
To trust their instinct
To manifest the best version of themselves
To be true to themselves
To be grateful
Back to London
The team came back to London refreshed, revitalised, and reinvigorated.
The new collection looks stunning and feels vibrant
We will be posting some of the pictures from the meditation, the yoga, and the island of Mykonos over the next few weeks

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