How to make this Strange Christmas Bright

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2020 has been a strange year for all of us and we are under no illusion that this Christmas will be no exception. More than ever, we need kindness, care and love for one another. With this intention, I gathered the Rock + Raw team together to share some small ways to brighten up your Christmas this year.

In light of my favourite mantra ‘Magic is available to those who cultivate it’ scroll down for my guide to making the holiday season a bit brighter!



For me, as I’m sure for a lot of you, this year has been the year of inner work; it gave me the opportunity to show up again and again to face the gritty stuff of life. Talk therapy has allowed me to sit with my darkness and in doing so turn it into light. Christmas is an emotional time for everyone, laden with old family patterning so prepare yourself to handle it in a new way by talking. You never know, you might even create a Christmas that is totally different this year and hopefully a little lighter.



This year some of us may have felt our lights dim a little. I sure did, as we faced so many moments of uncertainty, but the meditation that got me through it all was this one. I created the ‘Rockstar meditation’ to reconnect with the best and brightest (most kickass!) version of yourself. Practice this meditation to tune in and step into the happiest and bravest version of you. 


Working with your hands is a great way to get out of your head and into your body. Not only will it help you keep a brighter mood, but it’s just that bit of light hearted fun Christmas is all about. Therefore…get creative this Christmas and make home-made pomander and some unique Christmas ornaments. We have found some great online tutorials that we are loving – check them out here:




Dancing is so powerful, with the abilities to heal and comfort both your body and mind. When I’ve started my day off on the wrong foot, I pop on some music, get moving and the rest of the day gets so much better. Inspired by the season, we've curated the ultimate Christmas playlist with the team’s favourite Christmas songs guaranteed to lift your mood and get you in the holiday spirit!


We know many of us won't be able to spend the holidays with our loved ones as we usually would, but you can still let them know you’re thinking of them. It’s all about small acts of kindness this year so send some Christmas joy their way - a handwritten card, a surprise gift, or some Christmas flowers are always well received. Challenge yourself to tell ten people how much you appreciate and love them. It could be your local coffee seller that has kept you going in lockdown, your colleague who brightens your day or an old teacher from years ago who you have always remembered and feel grateful for. Find a way to express your gratitude to ten people who have shaped your world in some way. Small acts of love like these are more important than ever and can make all the difference to someone’s day!


Most importantly, take time for yourself. Know that refilling and refuelling your soul is the single most important thing you can do in this lifetime. Take the time to nurture your heart and soul, and do what brings you peace, joy and light. I am currently reading ‘The Book Of Rest’, perfect for those who want to learn to slow down. Small amounts of self-care practiced every day can have a huge impact on your ability to handle life in a more calming way.



Even when things are tough, don’t forget the power of your dreams. Your dreams matter, they matter even more now. Join us over on Instagram in setting your 2021 intentions under the last full moon of the year on 30 Dec and if you find a Guardian or Aura to guide you in your next chapter let us know your intentions and we will set your piece ready to serve and guide you.


We hope we've helped you be inspired to create your own moments of magic this Christmas. Share this newsletter/blog with anyone who is needing a bit of joy this season.

May the new year bring light to you all which continues to shine throughout the year.


With Love,

Lucy and the Rock + Raw team x

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