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Since we began working on our Aura collection which we proudly launched last month, we’ve been fascinated by the mystery and beauty of auras. Your aura is your energetic force field, and your energy is your power. Everyone’s aura is unique, and the colours of the aura reflect that person’s state of their being. Our collection, which comes in six beautiful shades, is lovingly designed to support you in your power, with each stone selected to align you with your aura’s frequency. Naturally, then, we wanted to find out what colours our own auras were! On a quiet Monday morning, we interrupted our usual schedules to meet Bipin Sankar, an aura reader at London’s Aura Photo Clinic, who uses a special Kirlian camera, one of only three hundred on the planet, to show people their auras rendered in radiant, revelatory spectrums. We were so delighted with the results that we thought we’d share them with you. Read on to hear about our experience!


 Lucy's Aura
Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow


I’m always surprised by how incredibly accurate aura readings are. Your energy doesn’t lie! My aura came out as mainly orange and yellow but there’s some intense red on the right sight of my aura. This is the colour of focus, dedication, hard work, and leadership. In all honesty, I was hoping to keep my aura red-free because it wasn’t a colour that was part of the collection we’ve just created. It made total sense though: the right side reflects the phase of life you’ve just come through and the launch of the collection has been one of the most demanding work phases of my life. Interestingly, there was also intense red around my throat chakra – again, spookily accurate as I’d just lead a demanding work meeting.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to commit to choosing heart over head, slowing down at work, and really diving into my spiritual practice. My sidekick in all this will be the Yellow Aura Earrings. Created from citrine, clear quartz and lemon quartz, the Yellow Aura Earrings are designed to support you in finding power through spiritual connection. Plus, putting earrings on always brings an instant uplift; I find there’s something sort of festive and celebratory about them. In other words, they’re aligning me with the vibration of joy!

As I turned to leave, Bipin Sankar said to me, “I think your soulmate has a very similar aura to you.” “Well,” I said, “My husband is waiting outside so you’ll see him next!” Over to you, Oli.


 Oli's Aura
Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow


And wouldn’t you know it, my aura came out as mainly orange and yellow with some red too! This was my first ever aura reading, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The right side was very red, which makes sense. As co-CEO with Lucy, it’s difficult not to spend my whole day working, or thinking about work, or feeling guilty for not working more. Red’s also my favourite colour (guess what colour I dyed my hair during lockdown) so I wasn’t entirely surprised.

The left side had a slightly less intense shade, closer to orange. This represents where I’m heading, so this was reassuring. It also reflects the other part of my personality: I’m quite a chilled individual, comfortable with who I am, and relatively at one with the world. Even though work can sometimes take me out of this zone, this is where I default back to.

This state of equilibrium, as depicted by a continuous spectrum of colour, is a good thing to aim for. It says to me that even though my moods vary, my being exists within a specific spectrum. I’m not all things, nor do I try to be. If you observe nature, you see that a bear can only be a bear. He doesn’t try to be a fish, he doesn’t agonize over the Peruvian elections, he’s just a bear, doing bear things!


Kirsty's Aura
Colours: Green, Violet, Blue    


My aura came out with a pretty balance between shades of green, blue and violet. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, in other words it represents nurturing, compassion, and peace. I was impressed by how accurate this was! I think it’s a direct reflection of all the self-care I’ve been doing these last few months. Spending so much more time at home this year, I’ve really focused my energy on making sure my space is one of peace and calm, buying lots of plants and having a go at some home D.I.Y. As I clear my home I’ve felt a lightness and clarity in my mind.

I’ve enjoyed restoring balance into my life and I want to continue taking time to nurture my mind, body and soul. To support me during this phase I’ve chosen our Green Crescent Aura. The necklace is powered by four nurturing crystals – dark and aqua green chalcedony, mint amethyst, and clear quartz. I can't think of a more powerful combination to help invite more harmony into my life.


Hannah’s Aura
Colours: Green, Yellow, Blue


My aura came out as mainly green, mixed with some yellow and blue too. I'll be honest, I was expecting my aura to come out bright red so this was a pleasant surprise. The right side represents the phase of my life I’d just come through and I totally understand why my aura would be green, the colour of healing, peace, and nurture. 2020 hasn't been the year any of us expected; at the beginning of the year I had a lot of goals which didn't go to plan. As I’ve processed the events of the year and acknowledged and accepted what’s been out of my control, I’ve had to become more compassionate with myself. The centre of my aura is also green mixed with some yellow, the colour of joy! This made me smile as I’ve recently found more acceptance for where I am in life, and have been much happier for it.

For the rest of the year I'm going to continue working on trusting my inner voice and being guided by my intuition, while journaling lots and continuing to believe in manifesting the life I want through words. To support me in this I’ve chosen the Indigo Aura Ring as my talisman. Created from London blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and clear quartz, the Indigo Aura is designed to support you in tuning in to your truest, most abundant self. I’m excited to see what this next chapter brings!


Tina’s Aura
Colours: Red, Orange, Purple 


I didn’t know what to expect but was surprised by my aura being predominantly red with orange, purple, and a spot of tan. Red is the colour of strength, willpower and passion – and in fact, that makes sense because I’m a ‘doer’ and everything I do is all or nothing. Having a toddler makes the ‘doing’ unrelenting but I thrive on that sense of achievement and productivity at the end of each day. The orange on my left side invites that joyful yellow into my energy which is a welcome relief to my deeply-rooted red! It reminds me to be more playful and light-hearted – not everything in life has to be a structured to-do list!

Life is a juggling act between work-family-self at the moment and for this reason, my talisman is going to be the Yellow Aura necklace with its bright, joyful colour. It features citrine, a stone known as the ‘light maker’, as well as lemon quartz, which will help guide my spiritual connection. When I have it close to my heart, it reminds me to be open, smile more, laugh more and enjoy life day by day.


Carolyn’s Aura
Colours: Violet, Yellow, Turquoise


My aura showed predominantly golden-yellow, with some turquoise, and violet. I'd always thought my aura would fall to cooler hues of blue, so to see a bright yellow centre was a lovely surprise! Yellow exudes joy, creativity, success, and abundance – which must mean I’m doing something right! What with having to adapt to so much change in 2020 – social distancing, working from home, ongoing UK lockdowns – I’m pleased to see my aura still shining brightly as I tackle these new challenges with a creative, optimistic outlook.

The right side of my aura showed light violet, which represents a more spiritual, peaceful side. I’ve always been a more calm, level headed person and I let my intuition guide me in any decisions I make, so this showing up in my aura is no surprise. I’ll be channelling the properties of our Violet Crescent Aura Necklace to remind me to trust my inner self and approach situations with clarity and balance.

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