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Unlocking the Power Within

The Rare Stone Membership is an educational guide, resource and a special invitation to our rarest stone drops. It is created to support you in connecting with yourself by joining a micro-community of crystal lovers. 

A group of exceptional well-being coaches, healers, and teachers will host virtual community events to help you tap into the powers of our most loved stones.

When you join our Rare Stone Membership by signing up for a waitlist, you will get access to:

  1. Exclusive Stone property guide
  2. Practice or ritual to help you tune into the properties of the stone
  3. Full Moon intention-setting ceremony
  4. Rare stones you have been longing to work with

We will start your membership off with a guide that will offer a quick introduction to the stone and its properties. Lucy, our founder, will tell you what a particular stone is best for and which chakras it’s associated with. 

The stone property guide will be followed by a ritual or practice, like meditation, showing you how to work with the powers of the stone and find the intention for your stone. 

The purpose of the Full-moon intention-setting ceremony is to help you identify what you truly desire and how to manifest it.

None of this is possible without a special stone that you have been drawn to. Each stone included in our limited drops is thoroughly researched before we decide to introduce it to you. It is meant to be a perfect support on your spiritual journey. 

The Rare Stone Membership is a response to your request for first access to special stone drops which are sometimes gone in minutes. We are known for sourcing some of the finest crystals on the planet which are worth waiting for, and we don’t want you to miss them. You can sign up for our latest Red Garnet waitlist here.