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Leading up to the New Moon, honor yourself the time to tap into the cosmic energy of the universe and welcome healing and inspiration into your life and those around you. The New Moon is a gift from the universe given to us to assist in bringing in new opportunities and allow for transformation...

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

Your ROCK + RAW piece is a beautiful companion for this ritual! The high vibe of our crystals are the perfect support for spiritual anchoring and setting intentions.

Clear and cleanse your space

Sage your space and clear the room, both physically and spiritually, of negative energies. Create a beautiful setting for your ritual. You may want to light candles or insense, adjust the lighting, make a tea, put on some calming music - the choice is yours.

Meditation and breathwork

Spend a few moments in a comfortable seat, breathing deeply with your eyes closed. Breath in for 7 and out for 11 3 times. The longer exhale calms the nervous system. The deeper you ground yourself the more transformative your ritual will be. You might want to silently repeat a  mantra like, “let me open myself fully to this experience”.

Manifest and set your intentions

With a pen and notepad, write down your intentions. Framing your desires in language allows your wishes to become concrete and resonant and, ultimately, take shape. Read them out loud trusting the assistance of the New Moon to invite what you want into your life.

Close your ritual

Mark the end of your ritual by closing your eyes and with your palms on your ROCK + RAW piece for a few minutes. take a moment to thank the universe for allowing for transformation and growth. As you blow out your candle, express gratitude and trust in the process. 

This ritual is a suggestion and we encourage you to create your own, work with the lunar rhythms and follow your intuition.