We created our Guardians to act as spiritual talismans to guide your soul to its highest path. We use this sage cleansing ritual daily to recharge our talismans so that they can continue to support and empower us in all that we do.

For centuries, sage has been used to cleanse and clear spaces of any negativity. We practice this sacred ritual to clear and cleanse our crystals and Guardians, readying them to hold our most powerful intentions. Regularly recharging your spiritual talismans through sage cleansing allows them to continue to support and empower you in all that you do, guiding your soul to its highest path.

Join our Founder CEO Lucy in this peaceful sage cleanse ritual as she guides you through the process of removing any surrounding negativity.

Practice these meditations with your Rock + Raw pieces, allow them to hold the shifts that occur, allow them to hold your new vibration and watch it manifest in your life.