The wonderful Kristina Evans is a healer and medicine woman with decades of experience under her belt. Here she guides us through the process of creating our own cacao ceremony at home. Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine that has been recognised for centuries as a sacrament as there is a multitude of benefits for our being on every level from the mind, the body and the spirit. 

There are over 400 active compounds within cacao and when we drink it blood flow increases throughout the body by up to 40% enhancing the physical beating and expansion of the heart. The blood vessels in the brain also open up which can assist in connecting you to your wisdom, intuition and higher perspectives. 

In order to invoke the spirit of the cacao and your connection to the brew’s intelligence, the most important part of the entire process is to make it with intention.

Prep cacao with intention

Inviting in the spirit of the cacao, prepare it mindfully and always hold your intention clear. What do you wish to call in and what do you wish to leave behind? What wishes are we choosing to infuse the cacao with? This beautiful sacred plant is the queen of enhancing heart-opening, radical self-acceptance, deep fierce compassion and unconditional love.

You will need

Organic raw cacao (we get ours from Forever Cacao here

Boiling water 

Edible rose petals or any extra therapeutic grade edible essential oils (add a few drops of e.g. rose oil or wild orange)

You can add spices to activate to enhance the cacao benefits (e.g vervain, cayenne pepper, cardamon - whatever works for you)

Add raw honey, maple syrup or agave for optional sweetness 

You can also add plant milk for a less bitter taste 



To create a cacao ceremony you can work with any form of organic cacao, we have used a raw cacao paste from the Amazon - a combination of the nibs of the beans and the butter.

1 - Firstly, grate or crush the cacao - you can use a pestle and mortar. For a personal ceremonial dose around 20g per person is plenty, you can go up to 30g if you are feeling bold and around 40g is the maximum dose.

The theobromine and caffeine can make you feel buzzy for the next 6-8 hours so drink it in the daytime. 

2 - Pour the cacao and rose petals into each cup and add hot water. 

3 - Stir the cacao in a clockwise direction, infusing the brew with intention and remaining focused on what you are leaving behind but more importantly calling in. 

Is it self belief, love, compassion or strengthening your relationship with yourself and your being?

Space preparation

Get yourself ready, put on your favourite clothes and Rock + Raw piece and honour yourself for taking the time to create and enter ceremony. 

Prepare and cleanse the space by smudging with dried sacred herbs such as sage, lavender, palo santo, lilac or rosemary.

Cleanse the cacao, cleanse yourself and cleanse the space. Walk around the room and give the space a clearing, get into the corners of the room and the doorways. Flowers, candles and crystals can be beautiful additions to a ceremonial space.

Open the 7 directions

Opening the directions is about honouring the forces of nature and the primary elements that keep our planet in balance. It’s about calling in the power of these infinite forces and resources to back you and support your intentions in order to transform and be open to receive.

Turn to each of the 4 cardinal directions, then Earth and Sky, then the 7th direction within you. Consider what each means for you personally and call in the strengths of that direction, or work with a Medicine Wheel from an indigenous culture. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

South - Fire

West - Water

North - Earth/ Nature

East - Air



Your Inner Being 

Be still to receive the energy

Take a seat and imbibe the brew mindfully and like meditation, use all of your senses. Take time to open your sense of smell, the feeling of the cup in your hands, the heat and welcome this medicine and sacred plant into your body, inviting in the cacao spirit. 

In Mesoamerica, the cacao goddess IxCacao was recognised as the goddess of fertility, prosperity, creativity and abundance and she wants you to succeed. So drink big and allow your wishes and desires to come from your heart and not to be suppressed or limited by your logical or rational mind. Remember your power to imagine and create, if you were not limited by time, money, expectations and with no boundaries upon you, what would you create? 

Welcome the spirit of cacao into your body and also give permission and allow the cacao to work within you in every aspect of your being.

Feel the warmth, feel your heart rate increase as your heart becomes open, feel the cacao circulate within your body, through your bloodstream, veins and arteries and flowing through your system. 

Once you have finished drinking, a good next step is to centre into meditation for at least 10 minutes, with your phone off and some music on if you wish. Be in your body, breathe and be open to receiving the cacao. Welcome her into your heart and be focused on what you wish to create in your life. 

Without expectations be open to the possibilities of what can occur within a ceremonial space. 

Fully embody your essence and your power. Your in-breath is magnetic, your out-breath is transformative. 

Create and express

After the meditation, harness this energy to create and express. Perhaps it’s time to sing, perhaps it’s time to dance, perhaps it’s time to journal or perhaps it’s time to draw. Whether you are taking a bath or expressing love to a loved one, whatever it is, utilise this energy in a positive way. In whatever form, this is the time to honour yourself. How can you love yourself more? 

When it’s time for the ritual to finish. Close the directions and express gratitude. It must be authentic and come from deep within your heart. In order to invoke this feeling, you can think of something or someone you are grateful for. 

It can be however big or small you like from the comfort of your bed to the smell of the flowers or even gratitude for clothing, food, health or shelter. Feel it and express deep gratitude for yourself and for your being, the cacao spirit and to the 7 directions. 

Afterwards, drinks lots of water, cacao is detoxifying and can be dehydrating. If you have low blood pressure or are on prescription drugs, medication, heart condition, epilepsy or pregnant, stick to a smaller dose so that you don’t get dizzy.