Lucy started Rock + Raw just a few years ago from nothing, naming it for the warrior-like strength, the rock, as well as the raw spirit of vulnerability and sensitivity that’s in all of us. It’s these two energies, the fiercely powerful and the infinitely gentle, that make up Rock + Raw's ethos and continue to guide our business and our team as we grow.

We’re so proud to now be a global business and a team of 8, and we're excited to tell you how far we’ve come, where we want to go, and, most importantly, to share our values and express who we are as a company and community. 

Scroll down to hear from some of our awesome and fierce team members - we can't wait to meet you! 

 With love and light, 



 Founder & CEO of Rock + Raw Jewellery

"Within Rock + Raw we do things really differently and we've created a world that's founded on beauty, kindness and love" 

CEO of Rock + Raw Men

"My favourite thing about working at Rock + Raw is the feeling of infinite possibilities... it's extremely liberating"


COO of Rock + Raw Jewellery

"Rock + Raw attracted me not only for its start up energy and beautiful jewellery but also because of its vision and heart"


Customer Ambassador at Rock + Raw Jewellery

"We make sure that all ethical values and principles are followed and everything we do we do with love"


Operations Lead at Rock + Raw Jewellery

"I chose Rock + Raw as a company I want to a part of because it values peoples lives and sustainability"


 Operations Assistant at Rock + Raw Jewellery

"I love that our pieces are ethically sourced and I love being part of a very kind team that deeply cares"