Introducing the Aura collection

I’m so excited to introduce you to some next-level Rock & Raw – our Aura collection. It’s not just that this collection is a masterpiece of craftsmanship from beginning to end. It’s also that it has a heartfelt, personal story behind it. 

Almost four years ago, I sat at the end of a yoga class in meditation. To my surprise, I saw a flash of octagonal, vividly coloured wheels, which seemed to intricately reflect the colours of the aura. I didn’t just see a glimpse of a shape, or an impression of a piece, but the full and finished collection. In that moment I knew I had to create what I had seen, because it would be of the highest service. That vision unlocked something too potent to ignore, setting in motion a beautiful process that’s taken so many twists and turns over these last four years.

As I connected with that stillness years ago, I felt a deep conviction that these pieces would serve, guide, elevate and anchor like no other. This felt like a dose of the highest power and I was galvanised into action. It was this sense of mission that kept me going as we faced hurdle after hurdle in making this collection happen.

When I finally saw the completed pieces for the first time, it was like time stopped in its tracks. I’d never felt anything like this in my life. I was graced with experiencing the full realisation of the vision I’d been shown. I’d seen them before – not just a version of them but the exact pieces, in my mind’s eye four years ago, and now here they were, made real.

These pieces are truly special, the finest crystal talismans on the planet. Our expert stone carver works with intention to sculpt each crystal to perfectly support and balance the corresponding stones within the piece. This art of stone cutting is unique, developed exclusively for the creation of the Aura collection.

Your aura is your energetic force field, and your energy is your power. 

Our Aura collection is designed to support you in harnessing this resource. Each stone is selected to align you with the frequencies of the aura colour the spectrum represents.

It is with the greatest happiness then, that I introduce The Aura Collection, a series of pieces to serve and guide you with a luminosity that elevates and a harmony that grounds. This has been a real soul work. I hope you love them.