We are overjoyed you have chosen your Aura to support you in harnessing the power that is the Aura. Your Aura is your energetic force field and your energy is your power. The most authentic and divine talisman, your piece will infuse with your aura with the colour and vibration it needs, nurturing an ever changing energy field. 

May it support you in anchoring deeply and radiantly in your own sacred power. 

To learn more about your Aura read below


The Rose Aura is one of vast expansion through love and heart connection. Harnessing the power of the heart, the Rose Aura supports you in aligning with the vibration of love and in doing so stepping into your true power.

We selected the most vibrant Pink Tourmaline representing the heart connection, amplification and support; the most exquisite Rose Quartz embodying an unconditional love for yourself and others and the finest Clear Quartz upholding protection, healing and expansion to create the Rose Aura. Our crescent Rose pendants also have an extra rare crystal, Rhodolite, for heart lead inspiration and connection.

Wear your rose Aura daily and witness the true transformation power of love


The highest vibration of all the Auras, the White Aura represents ascension and divine spiritual connection. When attuned to a White Aura, your highest consciousness is summoned, helping you find the power to step into your highest self.

We selected the purest White Mother of Pearl supporting spiritual connection through stillness and higher consciousness; the most magical White Moonstone invoking divine feminine energy, wisdom and insight and the finest Clear Quartz upholding protection, healing and expansion to create the White Aura.

Wear your White Aura pendant daily to support spiritual connection and align with your highest path.


The piece to support you in shining bright, the Yellow Aura is one of joy, spirit connection, power and light. Harnessing the power of the solar plexus chakra, the Yellow Aura supports you in accessing your true power.

We selected the brightest Golden Citrines, the stone of joy, abundance and glowing success; the most extraordinary Lemon Quartz symbolising insight, empowerment, and spirit connection and the finest Clear Quartz upholding protection, healing and expansion to create the Yellow Aura.

Wear your Yellow Aura pendant daily and watch as joy-led insight allows you to step fully into your divine light.


Green is the Aura of peace, nurture and healing. Harnessing the power of the heart, the Green Aura supports you in flourishing from a place of true alignment.

We selected the most exquisite forms of Chalcedony, representing harmony, peace and alignment, the most expansive Mint Amethyst, the stone of heart connection, nurture and compassion and the finest Clear Quartz upholding protection, healing and expansion to create the Green Aura.

Wear your Green Aura crescent pendant daily to foster healing through nurture and peace, and witness how you settle into your deepest and most abundant self.


Indigo is the Aura of intuition, wisdom, and aligned creation. With its exceptionally high frequency, indigo nurtures deep inner wisdom and divine trust, connecting you to your highest self through stillness and presence.

We selected the rarest forms of Blue Topaz, London blue topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz. Each chosen for their extraordinary abilities to support stillness, inner connection, intuition as well as invoking inspiration, creativity and clarity. Along with the finest Clear Quartz upholding protection, healing and expansion we created the Indigo Aura.

Wear your Indigo Aura pendant daily to tune in to the calm quiet voice within and in doing so settle into your truest most abundant self.


Violet is the Aura of transformation through healing, spiritual connection and divine support. Harnessing the power of the crown chakra, the Violet Aura supports you in becoming the master of your destiny through connection to higher consciousness.

We selected the most transcendent forms of Amethyst, deep amethyst, medium amethyst and Lilac Amethyst. Chosen for their power to support healing, transformation, insight as well as connecting you to your higher consciousness. Along with the finest Clear Quartz upholding protection, healing and expansion we created the Violet Aura.

Wear your Violet Aura pendant daily to inspire deep healing, wisdom and spirit-lead alignment.

How to cleanse and charge your Aura

To support you in harnessing the sacred resource that is your Aura we have included your own ritual kit. 

Including palo santo and selenite, use your tools to clear your space and invite an abundance of positive energy.

Palo Santo (it means ‘holy wood’ in Spanish) comes from a wild tree that’s been used for centuries by shamans in ritual prayer, sacred ceremonies and healing. Releasing a fragrant cleansing smoke it clears negative energy and purifies space and auras. Carefully light your palo santo and surround your Aura with the smoke by making sweeping, circular motions. If you’re inside, make sure you have a window open so the cleared energy can pass on. As you do this, you might like to place your other hand on your heart, so as to connect even more fully to your intuition.

Selenite is a true powerhouse when it comes to recharging crystals, it amplifies the energy of any crystal it connects with and releases negative energy raising its vibration to the highest level. Lay your Aura besides your selenite stick overnight and let the mother crystal do its magic.

To learn about more ways to charge and cleanse your Aura read our guide here.