Rock & Raw creates crystal-charged fine jewellery designed to raise your vibration and connect you to divine feminine energy. Our creations are inspired by the warrior-like strength, the rock, that’s in all of us, along with the raw spirit that we carry within too. It’s these two energies, the fiercely powerful and the infinitely gentle, that form our ethos as a company and continue to guide us as we grow. Think ethical diamonds, luminous hand-sourced rock crystal pendants and fierce gold spirit armour to amplify your spirit’s shine.Our pieces enshrine the individual powers of crystals and we weave ritual and ceremony into everything we do. All our pieces are created with the intention of bringing healing and transformation and our work is guided by heart-centred meditation. 


Our founder Lucy works intuitively to clear and cleanse our raw crystal pendants, blessing pendants and other pieces with sage, palo santo and the music of crystal sound bowls and we hold regular meditation workshops and new moon rituals to connect earth and spirit.

Finally, we use only the highest grade stones and as a result we have some of the clearest and most exquisite crystals on the planet. Delicately encased in pure gold, rose gold, or white gold, and packaged in our signature white boxes and cotton pouches, ours are the sorts of creations designed to be cherished as lifelong talismans. 

 We hope you'll never want to take them off.