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Meditate and Infuse your Crystal Gifts with Intention

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Once you have chosen your crystal and even whilst making your selection, think carefully about the intention it will hold. Remember this is an intention that has to be strong enough and significant enough to last your receiver for a whole year. Once you have an idea, prepare your space to create harmony and cleanse both yourself and your space from any harmful or chaotic energy. Burning a little sage, or ‘smudging’ as it is known, before you sit down to meditate, is a full proof way to refresh your environment.

Sit comfortably on a meditation cushion or on a chair either cross-legged or with your feet firmly planted in the ground.

Light some candles or some Palo Santo to help find your centeredness and calm as well as keeping the energy grounded as you bring blessings to your crystal.


It is also a good idea to keep a photo of the person to whom you wish to give the crystal. As you meditate, try to channel good thoughts towards this person. You are, after all, connecting their future crystal to them and giving them an extra tool in their box to fulfil their potential.

Hold your chosen crystal in your right hand, close your eyes and take big deep breaths, focusing on even, smooth inhales and exhales.

As you inhale deeply, focus your awareness on your crystal and place the intention for your receiver in your stone. For example, I ask that this crystal hold the energy of health, happiness and love so that XXX may live in peace and joy. As you exhale, breathe out any remaining thoughts or tension. You can say it aloud or in your head but repeat the intention several times to cement it wholly into your stone.


Connect with the crystal through the breath. Make it as smooth and even as possible so your intention, or sankalpa, flows effortlessly through your hands and into the crystal. Infuse the whole body with your blessings and exhale calmly into the crystal.


Repeat this several times. If you can’t think of your intention for the crystal, keep taking deep breaths and clarity will come. If you become distracted, feel the weight of the crystal in your hands and see if you can shift your focus back to the power of the crystal.

When you are finished setting your intention, continue to breathe steadily, keeping your eyes closed and take a moment to bring your hands to prayer and bow down in reverence to the universe for its unlimited power. Thank yourself for taking the time to practice and take a moment to acknowledge the effect that gifting with intention has had on you.



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