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Holiday Gifting with Intention

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Christmas is the spirit of love and magic all wrapped up with one big beautiful bow under the tree. It is an intention in itself. We often storm head and wallet first into giving and creating a magical experience for all around us. It is us at our best; the moment when love and generosity meet the material world. But it’s also all too easy to fall madly, deeply and swiftly in full consumerist mode, spending with zest-filled enthusiasm just to get through a never-ending list of gifts. This can quickly empty the pocket and perhaps later the heart. Jewellery is obviously a great choice; it sparkles, it wows and it captivates but without meaning or intention behind it, buying it as a gift can feel a little hollow.

Our crystals are here to remind you that the art of giving is a cherished act; one that can pull you away from consumer chaos and back into the realm of magic with soulful simplicity.

Rock and Raw Jewellery

Some of the most precious gifts are stories in themselves and you, the giver, have the complete honour of starting the story well, of setting an inherent positive intention that will set the ball, or in this case crystal, rolling at full-speed towards joy and divine moments. The experience of holding a gem in the warmth of your hands, setting and transmitting an intention and bringing it to its full life before opening your hands and allowing your chosen stone to glow in its receiver’s hand, is nothing short of amazing. Harnessing the true spirit of Christmas, its strong vibration has the power to alchemise into something far more potent than what meets the eye; into something that can guide and protect that very same intention for years to come. In fact, the crystal itself can echo this very real, meaningful and eternal time, guiding all of us back to the fire and gratitude in our faith-filled hearts and the truth within.

Setting an intention for the year ahead using a special crystal of choice can help us retreat back into what is real and important and has us questioning what qualities we can add to our lives to bring us back to authenticity.

Perhaps it is less about buying presents than being present, that instead of seeing lights, we should be the light and carry that forward in every one of our gifts. Our Guardians are created from the finest crystals on the planet. Designed to absorb that magical holiday light, hold your intentions and support, guide and protect you throughout 2019 and beyond, they are the perfect intention encased in a gift.


Our treasured gifts: 

Clear Quartz

Available in ring, mini pendant and regular sized

Clear quartz, has been cherished for centuries for its ability to support the wearer to heal, unravel fear, expand past limiting beliefs and receive heartfelt desires. Clear quartz has the power to eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow freely around the body. In Japan, it is referred to as the ‘perfect jewel’ because it is the symbol of space, purity and patience. In many other cultures, it was used as a religious talisman. As it stimulates the chakras and opens communication, it is a master healer.

Our clear quartz is special. The finest quartz known to man, it is completely clear ‘AA’ grade without any inclusions, amplifying the quartz properties.


Crystal Quartz


Amber is magic embodied, formed by light itself, amber is a conduit of earths magical forces. One of the most ancient and precious materials on the planet, amber is known to support resonant levels of, joy, intuition and deep healing through family and ancestral lines. 


Red Garnet Gold Guardians

Deriving from the Latin word ‘Garnatus’ meaning seed or grain which refers to its deep red pomegranate hue, Red garnet is the stone to harness your magic. Known to ground spirit forces and harness creative energy thanks to its earthy qualities, red garnet is the stone of soul-lead creation. It is a deep stone; a physical representation of the primordial fire, which created the world from chaos purification and love. Red garnet is here to support you in gathering and tapping into your soul’s powers by cleansing and purifying the body and mind.


Mint Amethyst Pieces

Available in ring and pendants

Associated with the heart chakra, mint amethyst is a beautiful stone for anyone seeking to expand his or her empathic self or find a greater sense of wholeness. Like all its quartz cousins, it has extraordinary abilities to transform negative energies into positive ones and promote healing.


Malachite Gold Guardian

Available in ring, mini pendant and regular sized

This stone cleanses the heart chakra with a deep wisdom and helps you find equilibrium in the mind. Dating back to 3000 BC, Malachite was used on the inside of pharaohs’ headdresses in Ancient Egypt to help achieve successful and insightful leadership. If you are running on nervous energy or you can’t ground your monkey mind, then this is the stone for you. It’s also ideal for people who cannot find the right partner as it clears your inner vision and paths the way for what will work.



Available ring and pendant 

You could think of this stone as your own personal spiritual and energetic healer. It is an ideal stone to calm down before bedtime and emits tranquillity. It is also able to do away with the stresses and strains of your every day. Its presence close to hand can even stave off bad dreams.


Learn how to meditate and infuse your crystal gift with your intention


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