Black Onyx Guardian Gold

£769 / $1035

Black Onyx Guardian Gold Black Onyx Guardian Gold Black Onyx Guardian Gold

the finest of all our crystal creations. we have selected the purest black onyx and encased it within beautiful solid 9ct gold setting. each piece is hand set with light and love to create a piece that is as powerful and bright as the highest version of yourself. 


black onyx is deeply protective and grounding. a beautiful choice for those seeking to foster good fortune, happiness and, most of all, personal strength. this is one to bolster your self-discipline and self-belief and to ENABLE you to becomE the architect of your own future. channel its energies to help foster wise decision-making, emotional stability and stamina in times of challenge.


The Onyx Guardian is suspended from a fine gold chain by one hand set centre hoop. the length of the chain is by request we find 16, 18, & 20 inch chains the most beautiful complement to the pendant. 


measuring 24 mm base to tip, this pendant is the ultimate talisman, guarding your path, protecting your soul's evolution....always by your side


we are not your average jeweller. our pieces are made to order from the finest materials & with intention. orders placed before 14th december will be delivered in time for christmas